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Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10

Sample Exams:
Sample Examinations show the format of an examination and the balance of questions across the curriculum organizers as outlined in the table of specifications.


Enter a number between 1 and 100,000


  • Sample A 2010/2011: FMP10AA2010
  • Sample B 2010/2011: FMP10BA2010

Additional Samples:
These additional sample questions provide extra practice in concepts which students may find more challenging as well as providing students with an opportunity to practise the use of e-tools which they will encounter on the electronic exams.


  • Sample M – Measurement: FMP10M
  • Sample N – Algebra and Number: FMP10AN
  • Sample R – Relations and Functions: FMP10RF
  • Sample T – Practicing Electronic Tools: FMP10T
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